Another house, another sign?




Camberley has some really charming architecture, which many people fail to see?

Perhaps a more important question is – was there ever a bigger house called Broomfield for which this was just a coach house?


2 thoughts on “Another house, another sign?

  1. I have been looking into the history of my old school, St Catherine’s which was on the corner of Park Road and Garfield road, before it was demolished to build the flats there now. Apparently it was a private house Broomfield. Then prior to St Catherine’s it was part of Elmhurst School as a boarding house, known as Elmhurst St Anthony’s. All the boarding houses had saints’ names. Eventually, in the early 50s, these houses were sold off and the old Camberley Court Hotel was bought to replace the accommodation. It was renamed Elmhurst All Saints.

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