And my last question – I promise!



Here are the entrances to Tekels Avenue and Brackendale Road.  Can anyone tell me why these two affluent byways, constructed out of virgin woodland by developers, at different times, are right next to each other?  It is even possible to push through the undergrowth between the two, which must be very handy for the postman?


2 thoughts on “And my last question – I promise!

  1. An interesting point…I assume(perhaps wrongly) that Tekel’s came first,and perhaps a single wide drive gave accsess to the “Castle”….did the owners when they fell on “hard times”(some will say the “fire was fortunate”) sell of parcels of the estate for additional housing,withe stipulation that a “new” drive had to be constructed to service the plots in Brackendale Road?

    • The driveway to the castle was Heatherdale Road, surprisingly. Certainly the original castle estate was sold off in blocks, the Brackendale estate being just one of them. I have a vague memory that the Theosophists purchase of the remaining part of the Tekels estate in the 1920s was later than the sale of the Brackendale part to a parcel of developers (including, I think, the estate agents Sadler and Baker?)

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