Isn’t this tiny free library delightful?


This is such a good idea, I wonder why I haven’t seen it more often.  According to the SHBC website: ”

Frimley Lodge Free Library

A quirky new addition to Frimley Lodge Park is our free library, crammed full of books for all ages. There’s something for everyone covering all genres including classics, thrillers and teenage literature. Users are invited to borrow a book to enjoy and then return or replace with another. Since opening last year the library has proved extremely popular, especially with young readers. We are always looking to update and replenish stock to cater for readers’ needs, so donations for any genre would be gratefully received. With the high demand from little hands we are especially on the lookout for children’s books.

Any donations can be left at Pistachio’s in the Park Café or simply left on a shelf in the library whilst open. For regular library and stock updates follow us on Twitter using #littlelodgelibrary

Thank you very much to all those who have donated books to the Frimley Lodge Library, donations are always welcome and please don’t forget to stop by and take a look next time you are at the park.”

 – See more at:


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