And a bit more on one of my favourite houses!

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Talking of houses built on the corner of larger plots, I can’t help but mention Curraghvoe (Upper Gordon Road) , a dental practice in Upper Park Road and a house called ‘Jack’s Park, also in Upper Gordon Road.  Curraghvoe (named after a town in Ireland) was designed by the Poulters for a career Army officer who died in WW1.  At some point in the 1960s part of the garden was sold to a local family and that was named after the small dog who lived at the large house – to him the garden had been a ‘park’!  When the dental surgery came to be built on the other side must have been about the same time?  I may be mistaken about that land having been part of Curraghvoe’s garden – does anyone know for sure?


2 thoughts on “And a bit more on one of my favourite houses!

  1. Hi …we live next door to Jack’s Park and you are correct about the history. The land was originally an orchard and was sold off in the 60’s, The house was built by the father of the lady that now lives there, so has only been in one family. her mother was the maid for 8 Upper Gordon Rd ( the Twines ) in the early 1900’s. Jack the dog was an Irish Wolfhound that lived at 6 Upper Gordon Rd ( now the End House, previously called The Limes ) that ruled the orchard land and apparently used to bark at the then steam trains that left Camberley station from the upper windows.

    • Thank you for this Bruce – I believe that The Twines was built for the grandfather of the current owner of Jack’s Park, who originally came from Bagshot. She is a very well known figure in Camberley and involved in many groups and societies. She is also a talented pianist and piano teacher.

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