Another gatehouse to another grand house?

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Camberley is littered with the remains of large estates – well, not really large estates, but extravagantly grand houses that were built on plots large enough to house lodges, stables and other assorted outbuildings.  The houses themselves were often unpopular with the next generation and after a ‘half-life’ as a school, hotel or flats they were demolished and the plot sub-divided up by enterprising local builders.

This is the lodge for ‘Shalbourne’ I should imagine, but it could have been for ‘Ochiltree’.  According to the reliable local historian Gordon Wellard, the land here was part of the Pine Woods Estate of 1892.  Shalbourne and Ochiltree had grounds that rose up to meet Belton House at the top of the ridge.  By the 1960s several local houses were being used for the boarders of Elmhurst Ballet School but then they decided to build their own accommodation and Ochiltree was sold and the Shalbourne Rise estate built there, partly by Marcus Eden, and partly by Charles Church.


6 thoughts on “Another gatehouse to another grand house?

  1. Is Gordon Willard still alive or an earlier era historian. I would love to find if he knows anything about Tomlinscote Farm. Thanks

    • Gordon is no longer with us but Mary Bennett is – unfortunately she doesn’t read this blog. You should be able to join the Facebook Group Historic Frimley and ask there – she belongs to that and others on there may be able to help too. The museum also has a file on Tomlinscote.

  2. I thought you might like to know that my Father, T.A.G.Sparling and family moved into Tomlinscote in 1945. He built the mushroom farm there and we left in 1949. I have about 24 photographs of the farm and house, but would love to find more of the house and it’s history. I can remember my Mother telling me how large it was and we rattled about in it!! I can also remember my Father taking me and our Alsatian dog across the frozen lake to the island in 1947. Do contact me Mr. A.T.Sparling, on

    • Thank you for getting in touch. I think the Surrey Heath Museum might be interested in your photograph and you can certainly find out some more there about the area. The museum is in the Borough Council offices in Knoll Road Camberley.

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