Shades of Camberley’s past?







Yesterday I commented that I was on my way to the dentist when I decided to take these photos – in Firlands Avenue.  According to the trustworthy Gordon Willard, the road was created in the 1880s when Captain Knight subdivided some of his holding close to the new railway.  Apparently he did not develop the land himself – he sold it to Mr Boys, who was (I think) the owner of Frimley Hall at the time.  Just who actually designed and built ‘Firlands House’ but it doesn’t seem to have been a private house for very long and it ended up as Camberley Court Hotel in the 1950s, having been a hospital (again, I think) in WW1 (and possibly WW2?).   Now the big house has been demolished and replaced with flats and this small ‘lodge’ is being transformed…


4 thoughts on “Shades of Camberley’s past?

  1. My husband’s great-grandfather, GJ Lawson, (an architect and hotelier in Bournemouth) bought Camberley Court Hotel (early 1930’s?). His son Maurice Lawson, also an architect , built Firlands Glen for his family to live in, also another house nearby (Glen Cottage perhaps?) and developed an estate of houses in the grounds of the hotel. He also added extensions to the hotel. At the outbreak of war Maurice sold Firlands Glen and the family moved into Camberley Court Hotel which was then run by his wife Lilian, assisted by her daughter-in-law Doreen Lawson. After the war, when Doreen’s husband Howard returned from Burma, they ran the hotel together for a time before selling and moving to a pub in Hampshire. Howard and Doreen were my husband’s parents. I would love to know more about Camberley Court Hotel and Firlands Glen if anyone can fill me in please? Thanks, Leigh Lawson

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