Ending the week with a door that isn’t there!


I thought I would end of week of mystery doors with one that isn’t there now – but where the advertising poster was blowing in the wind on the Cambridge Hotel, is the site of the original front door.

The answers to the quiz are:

Monday: in the Mall – the closed day nursery/Fish Pedicurist

Tuesday: Allders Menswear department entrance in the High Street

Wednesday: Once the bank and more recently an accountant on the London Road

Thursday: Originally Cousins the greengrocers but the most recent tenant was Bensons for Beds

Friday: A small door between shops in the Allders block on the north end of the High Street

Saturday: 2A High Street – once Gieves and Hawkes the military tailors; for a long time a pine furniture shop.  Nearly became an ice-cream parlour and may be a fast foodery by now……


2 thoughts on “Ending the week with a door that isn’t there!

  1. Enjoyed those, thanks. I used to work in Gieves and Hawkes – always bought cakes in the bakery next door before going in!

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