Goodbye gallery café!


Time was when the building that is now Primark had a first floor cafe with ‘outside’ seating that looked over Main Square.  That disappeared when the new tenants moved in.

In the case of this gallery, it was purpose built for the new ‘covered’ mall as well but the only tenants I can remember are Cafe Giardino.  Unfortunately the group went into receivership and the space had remained empty since.  2014 was the year when it was completely removed, leaving us with no central clock as well as nowhere to sit and watch the town flowing past us below………..


One thought on “Goodbye gallery café!

  1. Used to love this cafe on the balcony overlooking the mall, and the retro elevator. Really nicely designed. I came back in recent years and felt like something was missing because that atrium is so bare and empty now, took me a while to realise the cafe had disappeared without a trace!

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