A history of Frimley – in buildings……



How easy it is to miss how different ‘everyday’ buildings are!  We used to live in Frimley and I pushed a pram up and down this street for years without really thinking about the various architectural styles on show, let alone the history…….

By my calculations, the small building third from the left is the oldest, followed by the pub, then the two narrow frontages.  I would guess that Vickery and the Fish and Chip shop are in early 20th century buildings and the red tile hung office on the far right is 1960s.  Does anyone know if I am right?


One thought on “A history of Frimley – in buildings……

  1. I did a history walk of Frimley back in the summer, organised by Camberley museum. The historic buildings were few and far between but the fascinating fact proving how old the building to the left-a dress designer’s shop currently, I believe-is that you have to step down to the door. This shows that it preceded centuries of tarmac which over the years has lifted the surface of the road. I’m impressed with myself for remembering that!

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