And one last, moody shot…..


I quite like the shapes and textures on roads etc – but I know it is a bit of a minority interest!  This is the Frimley bypass going over the Blackwater Valley Road.


3 thoughts on “And one last, moody shot…..

  1. Can anyone help as I am intrigued by something that happened last Saturday 15th Nov when i was driving from Reigate to Camberley. I was staying at the Ely Hotel and had to turn off onto a slip road and go over a bridge that leads to the hotel. I dont know the name of the bridge, but just before I went under it, I saw a woman standing on it just staring at the traffic. I thought she looked odd as her face was so white I could’nt see any features. She had a brown coat on and just stood staring. In seconds I was driving up onto the bridge but she had gone, but she honestly could not have got off that bridge either side without me seeing her. I thought maybe she had jumped, and was a bit shocked. I told the staff at the pub what I had seen and they said maybe she had. Iv’e since scoured the papers and news but nothing has come up. I cant get over this, and just wondered if anyone else has seen anything similar. I wondered if maybe I had seen a ghost!?

      • Thanks for your reply Claire, but Im quite a private person really, and dont want all that fuss. I would find it embarassing. Besides who would believe Ive seen a ghost. I know what I saw and just wondered if anyone here knew anything.

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