This week I am back on home territory..

Middle Gordon 2


…and all my photos were taken on a brief walk down Gordon Road.  For once the sun was shining but my fingers were still nearly frozen to the camera!  This empty house tells a story I am sure, but, I’m afraid I have never heard what it is.  Can anyone help?


3 thoughts on “This week I am back on home territory..

  1. I have been told the empty house belonged to two sisters. One was ill or disabled the other
    looked after her. Sadly the sister who was caring, went to the shop on the corner of Middle Gordon Road and Park street (now a kitchen shop) and was knocked down and died on her return home.
    the house went to relatives who have not done anything with it.
    This may or may not be true, but it is the story told to me by nearby residents and it would all
    make perfect sense. Though very sad.

  2. Hello Claire,
    here is another story about that house and probably the most accurate.
    It was being built without planning permission. Work stopped and it was never finished.

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