Following the grey pavioured path……..

Guildford 2

This week’s photos were all taken on summer days’ out in Guildford – do you remember those halcyon days?  This is the path that runs round the Holy Trinity churchyard at the top of the High Street.

And yesterday’s green door, of course, was in the High Street itself.  And the superstition?  when I was going to school on the first day of a month we had to see a green door, an ambulance and a dog otherwise we would be unlucky all that month.  Is that just a Brummie thing?  or even just a game thought up by someone on a long bus journey?  I’d love to know.  And no, I am not the superstitious sort…..


2 thoughts on “Following the grey pavioured path……..

    • Well, my Brummie talents let me down with this WordPress blog post – somehow it was scheduled for the wrong day and time! Should have appeared with the Guildford pictures a couple of weeks ago and went completely AWOL…….

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