I like to watch people watching trains……

Frimley Green 4


Not far from the cottages I photographed yesterday there is a public path which leads past flooded gravel pits to Farnborough.  Unfortunately it has to cross the main line to Waterloo and the Blackwater Valley Road.  As you can see the railway crossing doesn’t have a bridge and that day there were some Network Rail workers doing something – I’m not sure what, but the man on the right had to wave a flag as the train came past……..


2 thoughts on “I like to watch people watching trains……

  1. Years ago I lived in Kingston for a time. There was a chap there called John The Leg. He used to work on the railways, but he had been hit by a train, which had injured his leg, so he had been forced onto disability benefit etc. This explained his moniker, but didn’t explain how he managed to get hit by the train. You would think that British Rail would employ a man with a flag, as in your photo, to wave it to warn rail workers when a train was coming, so that they could get out of the way in time. Well they did employ somebody to hold a flag and wave it when the train came. That somebody was John.

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