A house with a sad face?

Week 33 2

Yesterday’s photo was of Frimley Park, not to be confused with Frimley Park Hospital next door   It is now owned by the Army Cadet Centre (see http://armycadets.com/about-us/cadet-training-centre/) but it has had quite a varied history, including being a maternity hospital not that long ago.

Today’s picture is a rather sadder case – a grand house in the centre of Frimley High Street which has seen happier days.  When we arrived in Frimley in the 1970s it was the Post Office and still has a nice red pillar box.  Unfortunately although it is in use it seems to be in a bad state of repair.  The bank building next to it seems to be a bit squeezed on the plot as well and is in a typical 1970s ‘utilitarian’ style – not a complimentary pairing?

Still, there are more uplifting views in the village and all this week I will be sharing them!


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