Today’s mini mystery – where do these ladies dance?

Tambourine Girls by Charlotte Randall 1989


As this is only a mini mystery, I can tell you that they are the Tambourine Girls, created in 1984 by Charlotte Randall.  I haven’t been able to find out anything more about the artist – can anyone add something?


2 thoughts on “Today’s mini mystery – where do these ladies dance?

  1. Th in Fine Art.She was ae Tambourine Girls, Charlotte Randall was born in1958 She studied at Camberwell School of Art from1981 to 1985 and reciving an Hons. Degree She was a guest student at the Hochschule der Kunste,Berlin for six months in 1984 and studied in Rome in 1985She worked atUnit7 36 to38 Peckham Road London SE5 There were 10 other bronzes made 2 ANGEL 3PIPER AND GIRL 4 NYMPHS 5 CELEBRATION 6 LA DANCE 7 JOIE DE VIVRE 8 VIOLINIST 9 LINEAR 10 TRUMPETERS They are all cast using the lost wax method by FIORINI Foundry and the MORRIS SINGER FOUNDRY I came across Charlotte when I worked for Kathini Grahams in Monpelia Square Knitsbridge She was a bright wonderfull looking lady, Mr Robert Palmer

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