Here’s one you may have missed earlier – and I promised……


Never let it be said that the Camberley Observed Team (me) isn’t willing to go to enormous lengths to bring you an uptodate view of the town.  This morning I had some very welcome refreshment in Poppins – a family restaurant in the High Street.  Those of you who know Farnborough well probably remember the Poppins there, which was run by the same man (and some of the same team).  He is now providing a very warm welcome and good, table-based service here.  The only quibble I had was that there was no wifi but they do indeed have it – you have to ask for the log-in code.

And the reference to missing it earlier and promises?  Well, this picture was actually posted from the restaurant, on Instagram where Camberley Observed appears as – you’ve guessed it – Camberley Observed and I promised that, since they did indeed have wifi, they could get a mention on this blog.  They have jumped the normal queue of entries because I am hoping to devote a lot of the blog to small independent shops in Camberley in the run up to Christmas – I am just waiting for the Festive Windows to appear!


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