Autumn Comes to Camberley Obelisk

Camberley’s ruined obelisk has been the subject of other posts but this time I just happened to notice that a sweet chestnut had landed on the step which added a poignant autumn touch.  Unfortunately the building is no longer visible from much of the town due to increasing tree cover and the local graffiti artists are using it as a handy canvas……..

For more information about this landmark see:


3 thoughts on “Autumn Comes to Camberley Obelisk

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I think the vandalism issues would have to be solved first and perhaps a proper use found for it as a tourist attraction. Part of the problem, I believe, is that no-one is quite sure why it was built or exactly how it looked. Early views are a bit sketchy! It could definitely do with a bit more attention being paid to it, anyway…

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