Tomlins Pond – a tranquil spot in Frimley

The village of Frimley is an older settlement than Camberley and Tomlins Pond sits on its outskirts – not far from a 1970s estate and Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College. The pond is of unknown origin and found itself in the centre of a local tussle over upkeep.  Eventually, in 1979, it was bought by Surrey Heath Borough Council under the ‘unknown ownership procedure’ and has been kept safe ever since.

The estate around it was created from the grounds of several different properties, including a large, 10 bedroom house called Tomlinscote which had been built in 1903.  Local memories have now shortened the whole, lengthy saga, to the story that it was built on a ‘mushroom farm’ but papers in the local museum tell a riveting story of proposal, appeal and planning – difficult to imagine now, when you drive round the streets, that it all caused quite a furore at the time!


7 thoughts on “Tomlins Pond – a tranquil spot in Frimley

  1. I lived on the mushroom farm from 1951 with my parents and brother from 4/5 years old. My father was the manager. I learnt to swim in Tomlins pond. I have very fond memories of that time.

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